MeadUp Mead Donation

If you’ve attended MeadCon, or heard about it, you know we have an evening event on Wednesday of the MeadCon. This year that will be on March 18, 2020.

We ask for meaderies to volunteer to donate a case of mead, either one mead, or a mix of your meads, to be presented to those attending. We expect over 100 people this year.

This year will be a little different, we are working to get some distributors to also attend for a Distributor Showcase. Distributors will be given an early attendance time before the general attendees are allowed in, so that they may talk with you about your mead and distribution opportunities.

Your meadery will be featured in our printed program, and also in the mobile app we are using for 2020 MeadCon, allowing attendees to find you and your meads easily, and to contact you later for purchasing your mead.

If you’d like to donate mead for the MeadUp, please get us the info below by no later than January 31, so that we can get your mead into the program, and on the app and digital venues.

Show ’em your good stuff!

MeadUp Contributors

  • Please list names, one per line, of who will be pouring. the hotel requires that a meadery employee must be present to pour. Each meadery will get two free MeadUp evening pour tickets, and one free MeadCon ticket. Additional MeadCon tickets can be purchased at 50% off, we will provide a coupon code you may use if additional tickets are needed.
  • Please list mead names and number of bottles for each mead being donated. If you'd like to also give us a description, this information will be made available to attendees via the phone app and hard copy program
  • Please provide a jpg, png, or gif, at least 300 dpi for the program and app.
  • The hotel's license requires that we provide a zero invoice for the mead you will be pouring. If you can provide it now, please upload a PDF. If not, please email one to by no later than Feb 29, 2020.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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