Seminar Proposals

Seminar Proposals are closed for the 2019 MeadCon. See you there!

2019 Guidelines

The 2019 AMMA MeadCon will take place March 12-14, 2019, at the Omni Interlocken in Broomfield, CO.

The American Mead Makers Association is welcoming proposals for educational seminars at the conference. Seminars are expected to provide actionable take-aways for attendees to help improve their businesses or their mead making. The deadline to submit a proposal is December 15, 2018.

Please review the following guidelines before submitting a proposal:

  • You may submit up to four seminar proposals
  • Seminars are one hour long. It’s recommended that presentations be approximately 45 minutes long to allow for 5-10 minute of Q&A.
  • Descriptions should accurately reflect the proposed seminar content. If selected, the text provided in the “brief description” field will be used as the seminar description in the conference program.
  • Please provide a short bio and headshot when you submit your proposal.
  • Changes (including speaker additions) after the seminar is selected will need to be approved by the AMMA Conference team.
  • Titles and content of selected seminars are subject to change after team review.



Wondering what sort of topics we’re looking for at the 2019 MeadCon? The seminar group has gathered a list of topics that the members of the mead community have indicated that they are interested in seeing seminar proposals for. You may also submit on a topic of your choosing.

  • Running your Meadery
    • Automation for meaderies
    • Making the jump from small production area to to giant new production facilities and tasting rooms
    • Lab and testing equipment best practices for small and larger meaderies
    • Fermentation equipment – best setups for small vs. large, and creating a growth path
    • Startup financing and funding your new meadery
    • Creating TTB accepted recipes and labels
    • TTB Regulations and best practices
    • Packaging best practices/costs/efficiency
    • Tasting Rooms – do or don’t, and affections on costs, sales and production
    • Channel management – competing for shelf space
    • Building in growth, and managing it
    • Marketing your Mead
      • Building your Brand
      • Distribution out of state
    • Creating a strong Online Presence
    • National and International Distribution
  • Meadery Start Ups
    • Building a business plan that works and grows with you
    • Determining your start up costs and needed equipment
    • Partnering with a Distributor
    • Top Unplanned Issues that happen in your Meadery
  • Making Better Mead
    • The chemistry of nutrients and sorbates/sulfites, and how to determine what to add and when to ensure a better mead
    • Mead-friendly yeast strains, best practices and nutrient feeding recommendations, propagating and re-using yeast
    • Mead problem-solving – stuck ferments, infections, rescuing recipes during fermentation
    • Making melomels – fruit best practices
    • Barrel aging and oak additions – oaking mead
    • Session meads vs. standard strength
      • Making better session meads
    • Making smoked mead
    • Bochets best practices
  • Mead Tools and Techniques
    • Barrels vs oak strips/chips/spirals
    • Packaging best practices (home and/or pro) – bottles, corks vs. caps vs. cans, etc.
    • Art and science of blending
    • Finishing your Mead (so you don’t have Bottle Bombs)
  • Sustainability
    • Increasing bee population and keeping bees in your home or at your meadery
    • CO2 Management (for meaderies)
    • Sustainability 101
  • Mead in Society
    • Mead and Food pairing
    • Mead in Food recipes
    • Mead tasting session
    • Mead judging session
    • Honey tasting session

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