Tony Qualls

Manic Meadery

Tony Qualls spent his 20’s touring in the original rock band Groovatron, performing 1500+ shows around the country. When he met his wife Vanessa and their first child became reality, Tony began working full time in corporate event production out of necessity to make a “real” paycheck. In early 2017, after 10 years with the same company, Tony’s position was abruptly eliminated and the stage was set for a deeper meaning in life. As an avid homebrewer/wine maker, the modern day mead movement had quickly become an obsession. With the idea of getting back to artistic creation and a small business mentality, the concept of “Manic Meadery” was born. Tony partnered with longtime childhood friend Keith Cantwell and hit the ground running. Manic Meadery opened in December 2018 in Crown Point, IN. Their current facility includes a 1700 SQ FT production floor paired with a 1600 SQ FT tasting room. Manic Meadery also crafts traditional wine and cider, and is known for a vast variety of small batched fermentations that will hit over 50 unique releases per annum.

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