Who Should Exhibit?

The American Mead Makers Association annual mead conference is the most focused mead audience in the US. The event draws meadery owners, meadery owners in process, and meadmakers from all over the world.

Placed in conjunction with the Mazer Cup International Mead Competition, which follows the AMMA Mead Conference, this 5 day period is the single most concentrated mead event in the world.

The AMMA Mead Conference is a 2 day event, combining seminars and a trade show to offer the mead industry the opportunity to learn about all manner of mead making and professional mead sales and management, and at the same time, meet and form relationships with the companies that offer supplies, equipment and services to the meadmaking marketplace.

The professional mead industry in the US contains just over 500 professional meaderies, in every state of the country. Home meadmakers cannot be accurately counted, but there are a number of social media groups that number more than 10,000 members each. This is just a fraction of home meadmakers, based on observations of Google searches and forum postings, there are many, many more than that, and the number is climbing steadily as media articles on mead increase. Likewise the commercial mead industry is growing at a rate of about 15% per year over the last several years, and based on meadery in planning information from AMMA memberships and internet research, this rate is increasing.

Event information:

  • 4th annual event, second event added in 2019 in fall on the east coast
  • Held March 17-19, 2020
  • Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield, CO
  • 8am-6pm

Who will attend: meadery owners and staff, and home meadmakers. Over 90% of our attendees are based in the United States, the remaining 10% come from mostly European locations.

Attendance: Expected 250 attendees (limited by available space), previous year’s attendance was at approximately 100 in 2017, 120 in 2018 and 200 in 2019.

Market: This is an extremely vertical market, very focused, both the corporate and home attendees. Over 80% are decision makers or influencers.

Do You Need to Exhibit at the AMMA MeadCon?

A very good question! So, what do AMMA attendees want to see? We have included a list below of the types of companies that offer products our meadery owners and mead makers want.

  • Yeast producers – need we say more? We can’t make mead without it!
  • Bottle manufacturers – meaderies and mead makers are always on the lookout for new types and sizes of bottles
  • Closure manufacturers or wholesalers – the ever changing cork landscape means people are out there looking
  • Tank manufacturers – meaderies, and some home mead makers buy tanks, of all sizes
  • Canning line manufacturers – commercial mead is seeing more and more canning happening, so canning lines are in demand
  • Bottling line manufacturers – many meaderies employ bottling lines, and fast industry growth means initial investments and upgrades
  • Brewshops – hundreds of mead makers will be in attendance. This is a great way to reach them
  • Label making and labeling systems – Good labels are key for meadery owners
  • Honey producers – because that is our main ingredient!
  • Fruit providers – especially canned fruit, juices and purees
  • Spice shops – we use a lot of spices!
  • And the list goes on and on!

Do you have an interesting service or product that could be of use to our attendees? Here is your chance to display it and explain its value face-to-face to our meadery owners and mead makers!

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