MeadUp Tasting Event

The MeadUp is the MeadCon tasting event. It goes on from 7PM-10PM on Wednesday evening of the MeadCon, and features meaderies from all over the country, pouring their best meads. This year MeadCon runs from March 17-19, 2020, with the MeadUp happening March 18.

We also offer a tempting array of appetizers, created by the Omni Interlocken food wizards, to keep your strength up as you browse and sample the many meads presented for you. You can get tickets here.

Using our event app, you’ll have a map of the room, showing what meaderies and meads are available, so you can easily find the meaderies and meads you’d like to check out.

We want your mead!

Are you a meadery who would like to pour at the MeadUp? We’d love to have you! Sign up to come pour your meads for people from all over the country, including distributor reps coming out to learn about mead.

Go to the signup page to get in on showing off your mead to MeadCon attendees!

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