Adam Crockett

Owner, Haymaker Meadery

I previously worked in the barrel industry for 4 years selling barrels to breweries, wineries, and meaderies all over the US and Canada. I worked with large breweries like Allagash and Jolly Pumpkin and small local breweries in every corner. I worked directly with distilleries and wineries to provide the best barrels available to my clients. I helped many breweries build up their barrel program and helped a number of breweries win GABF medals because of my barrel knowledge.

I hope to share this knowledge that I have collected and help meaderies take the step into barrel aging. I also own Haymaker meadery and we do a number of barrel aged meads. Haymaker meadery won gold for session mead-dry last year and we have multiple other awards for our session meads. We have also been making them since 2014.

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