Jeff Katra

In addition to being a mead maker, Jeff Katra is a digital marketer focused in e-commerce who has worked with a wide array of clients including Fortune 500 companies. In addition to his experience in e-commerce marketing, Jeff is also a photographer and graphic designer who works a number of meaderies and breweries designing marketing materials.

Jeff has been an avid home brewer, wine maker and mead maker for the past five years. What started as a hobby making beer and wine, soon developed into a strong passion and near obsession for mead making. Jeff grew up in a family that had strong roots in the culinary practices. Cooking and developing recipes requires a balance of creative thinking and understand the science behind the process. It’s this balance that inspired him to focus on developing recipes and honing the process of modern mead making. While this remains a practice that Jeff currently does at home, he is currently in the process of planning a commercial meadery.

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